Took awhile to know where I stand. Better now then never. Pretty fed up and ready to go all out.

Doing drugs to a certain extent is chill but if you do the hardcore ones then it’s a bit of a turnoff for me. Because that’s all you do

I noticed the workers at the shoe stores here in California aren’t as friendly and have that hospitality compared to the stores in Texas. People are more chatty and can easily strike a conversation unlike here where people don’t even acknowledge you and come off hella fake lol. I’ll bring something different when the transfer gets granted.

Suffer and go through hell now, enjoy the reward later. 

I’m not satisfied. I’m not content. I’m still hungry and fighting for what I want. I’ll know when I get there when the chip on my shoulder is gone. 

There’s certain things you just can’t do anymore when you reach a certain age. It’s sad how some people still do specific things, grow up.